Following the drone strike at the heart of the Saudi oil production, causing the country to be output in one fell swoop, it had to be cut in half, the Us president, when He threatened with retaliation. Due to the attack, the oil price is also substantially the height of the shot.

He said Sunday night on Twitter that, “there is reason to believe that we are the guilty party know before the drone attack on the United states of america. “The United States of america are ready to go, but we have to wait for a confirmation, and would like to hear from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who they have to attack, be held responsible, and under what circumstances, we will take further steps need to be taken.”

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The Us president, in another tweet, that there was a meeting with the Iranian leadership would come from. But in doing so, he is speaking of himself and his entourage for the past few weeks, on several occasions, made statements about the possibility of a meet with Iranian president Rohani. The president of france Emmanuel Macron insisted on it.

finally, The American minister for foreign affairs, Mike Pompeo, had, last weekend, Iran is still accused of being behind the drone attack, which was claimed by the Houthi rebels of Yemen. Tehran denies this. An influential united states senator, and He-believe Lindsey Graham has defended the attack on an Iranian oil refinery. “Such a step will form the backbone of the regime in Tehran break down,” he wrote Saturday on Twitter.

the Oil

After the attack, the oil price in futures markets in Asia have dramatically shot up. The European variety of Brent oil went up a whopping 19%, or 11 to the dollar is higher, up to 71,95 a dollar per barrel. According to the news agency Bloomberg, it goes to the strongest increase ever, since the inception of the futures markets in 1988.

In an effort to get the markets to calm down, announced the president’s Home with his permission to the American oil release, “where it is appropriate to use the supply chain to assure”.

Photo: AP < / P> Until Thursday or Friday and be noticeable at the pump

there is a big chance that we make the price increase will be seen at the pump. How much diesel fuel and gasoline, the more expensive it will be, it is difficult to assess. “Is the price at the pump is dependent upon a lot of factors. Of the closing prices, but also the price of the us dollar. But, as it stands, the impact will not be catastrophic”, which are expected to Johan Mattart, director-general of the Brafco, the association of brandstoffenhandelaars.

this is the result of a number of barriers that have been built into the calculation of the price caps at the pump, in this country, as set out in the programme agreement, and are established by the federal department of public Economy. “The big increases will be so flattened out,” says Mattart. Price increases at the pump, it will only be available later this week – Thursday or Friday – have an impact.

this does not apply to the price of oil. That is as soon as possible with the international market. On Tuesday, a slight decrease, because of taking into account the closing price on Friday. But on Wednesday, it will be the impact of the attacks have been noticeable for heavy fuel oil.

the Oil from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is now up to 17% of the Belgian supply chain. Russia has 39 percent of our largest suppliers of oil, according to figures from the Belgian Petroleum Federation.

the stock markets down

European stock markets are going Monday, it will be lower. Especially, airlines are losing grounds, the oils will float back up. The stock exchanges of Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and London went on Monday, down from the start. Airlines like EasyJet, Air France and KLM royal Dutch airlines were the most susceptible to rising oil prices. Oil stocks such as Shell and Total to benefit from the rising prices.


The attack Saturday morning viseerde two systems of staatsoliereus Aramco in the eastern province of Bugya. It was going to be the facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais. In the field of Abqaiq, in the east of the country, the largest oil refinery in the world. The field in Khurais, between the capital Riyadh and the Persian Gulf, it is one of the most important oil fields in the country. It was the biggest attack on the oil infrastructure in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the start of the current conflict in Yemen. The attack was claimed by the Houthi rebels of Yemen.

in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has had to go through with the attack, his production is cut in half, but Aramco would, however, try to be at Monday again, and a third of its output to the reset.
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