now, the Former Anderlecht-manager Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven need to have a night in a cell spend in it after he was on Thursday, it was picked up. That is our editor from the resource base.

Van leuven luc van wassenhoven will not be released until tomorrow, the Brussels investigating judge Michel Claise. He is the all-day, questioned about the role of specific services. It will be examined whether the money is under the table, paid for, received by a real estate agent, Christophe Henrotay.

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in the content of his statements, hit has not yet. The interviews have been completed. Now it is up to the judge to have all the answer of Monaco, held Henrotay) to Liège-Day Cheniaux, held the right hand of Henrotay) and Of the leuven luc van wassenhoven next to each other and to the Van leuven luc van wassenhoven than it is to confront them with contradictory testimony.

will Probably be there Friday afternoon to make a decision on his possible arrest. The judge has 48 hours to have the time to do it. That he the night in a police cell have life, it says, according to our information, nothing about the guilt or innocence of the former Anderlecht-manager.

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