Wietse Bosmans was one step up from Wout van Aert, but he is now seeking sponsors to make an exhaustive search, to be able to continue


the off-road cycling is a passion. Ask Wietse Bosmans in Europe forward in search of UCI points, so that he can take part in a world Cup match.

in his career, the now 28-year-old cross, changed over the last few years, dramatically. The former two runner up at the worlds cross-country to the promises made in 2012 and 2013), and his great talent will never really be able to translate to big wins on the pro circuit. The debilitating Lyme disease, which put him in between 2014 to 2016, with a lot of tricks played, that was a big cause of it. Afterwards, he settled back to the surface and make noise, but in 2019, he was no longer a place for Steylaerts-777. After that, he took a little while for the Creafin-TÜVSÜD, but at the moment it is the man from the Orphanage without a team.

now, However, he will fight on. Bosmans are traveling around Europe in search of UCI points. He won recently in Sweden, in his first UCI cross for two years, for less than a day after another one, in his own name to write to. France (5) Czech republic (3rd) and Switzerland (5th), the belgian veldritten away.

“That’s Right. I am a quiet start in the netherlands to be a much better place to get hold of. I hang up, no fixed contract as I am about my work,” says Bosmans. All of that has resulted in a 62nd-place in the UCI rankings. For a starting place at the world Cup, it is, however, to the best of the fifty cx) required.

Bosmans (left) picked up in 2013, in silver, with the promises made at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Louisville, ky. He’s had more than enough of Mike Teunissen, but was at that time a very young Wout van Aert, for. A year earlier, he had to be in the final sprint of the beaten against Lars van der haar. Photo: BELGA

“this is the end, but not right away. Christmas and new year’s, including the Attic, and the Names, and I would be willing to front. For the rest of the Fei world cup driving is always fun and it delivers, it’s sure easier to score points. How do I tour? With the plane and my gear is coming to a camper van. Or is that affordable? No, no, no, not really. I just want to move on, but there is some financial help. Because I want to be in forever , to continue with a career.”

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Bosmans enlisted the help of a marketing agency Anyway, in the hope that it will, with the help of sponsors and a eenmansploeg to set up. “The hope is high”, what it sounds like. “We’ll have to see. At a certain level, you may have to stay we would highly recommend it, but if you want to participate, you need money. Only then can you make a living. Other than that it’s just a hobby and a passion, and you have to anyway, just to go back to work.”

According to the cyclist project is “more advanced”. In the meantime, he is also involved in the building of the house of his brother.