Ally Samatta was Anfield quiet for a moment, with his kopbaldoelpunt, but Liverpool pulled to end up with 2-1 wins at the end of the uefa Champions League. The British press were, again, very positive on the country’s national champions.

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According to The Daily Mail, Jürgen Klopp, a basiself been selected with an eye to the “match of the day”, that being the Prime minister-League it is with great titelconcurrent and Manchester City. This was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the pitch, the man who was in the winning goal to be scored against Genk, after he has been two times to the nets that are made to vibrate in the province of Limburg.

“It was, at times, a strange performance by the Reds on a night where they’re not at their best, were. For the eighth year in a row, they were able to, the nets are not clean. But in Liverpool, it is at its best when they get the ball forward to send, and played Oxlade-Chamberlain has an important role. His goal summed up his game perfectly. A goal that Liverpool really needed it. It was a chance for Liverpool at the moment, other ways to win without a top. That’s how it was at Genk, belgium. They had to have a larger difference in gain, but it didn’t work. That’s the way they’re playing at the moment. But Klopp will not have to worry, not that Genk at the end was threatened. He will know that Liverpool are both offensive and defensive, it will improve as the season goes on.”

a British newspaper, he also shared the points for the players of Genk. Inc Dewaest and Jhon Lucumi, according to The Daily Mail, not the best, at Anfield, with both of them a 7.5 out of 10. Also, Gaëtan Coucke and Samatta, and played, according to the newspaper, and is a great match with a score of 7 out of 10.

recitals: : Coucke 7, Cuesta, 6, Dewaest 7.5, Lucumi 7.5 A, Maehle 6, During The 6, On Version 6.5, Hrosovsky 6 (Bongonda 84’, 6), De Norre 6 (Onuachu 84’, 6), Ito, 6.5 (Ndongala 68’, 6), Samatta 7).

Photo: JEFFREY GAENS < / P> “In the routine”

On their way to The Mirror. There, they found out that the winner of it is quite difficult to some it is a bit derogatory as the “Champions League whipping boys” to it. “It’s much more spectacular and explosive, but the Liverpool sputterde on his way to a victory over a small but spicy Career. It may be difficult to focus on a lesser opponent as the most important game of the season Sunday, is coming soon. But they get the job done, even though it almost went wrong. And when Wijnaldum early on, scored, and we thought a final score out of 60 on the board. Genk took a shock due to that they are the same, and there will probably be fireworks in the locker room of the club. It worked because it was explosive, after a pause, in which Oxlade-Chamberlain has scored. Genk have had a chance, but it is a sputterend and Liverpool have won it anyway.”

in The Mirror, told the points: of the People: Coucke 7; see also Cuesta, 5, Dewaest 5, Lucumi (6), Norre 6), And Maehle 6, During The 7, On 6, Hrosovsky 6), And Samatta 6, Ito-7 (Ndongala 68’,6)).

The Sun was well on in the second half of Samatta. “Liverpool seems to have more experience on the European stage. Even when they are not at their best, were, they, to cruise control, on the road in the next round. The Belgian champion did, however, it is easier to move. Liverpool were much better than in Genk, belgium, but I could never relax. Once again, they got a goal against, this time thanks to a superb header from Samatta. A goal that is really ridiculous given the spelbeeld. Liverpool may now be thinking of the match against Man City. However, if they do not stop the silly goals have to swallow, it’s hard to believe that they will be better this year with the title going to deal with it.”

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The men of The Guardian-and saw, just as their counterparts, and that Liverpool are on the routine, and won by Belgium. “It wasn’t the most exciting game in Jürgen Klopps career. However, the Reds are almost certain of qualifying, something that will be appreciated and will be given to the amount of work that is still to come. It was an ordinary competition and a routinejob, though he managed Liverpool in the race to finish. But, everyday was okay for Klopp. The show was also complicated by the more conservative approach of the Belgian champion, was compared with the 4-1 from the first leg. The defeat at the little Three, and a difficult one for European launch led to a vijfmansdefensie as a coach Mazzu feel more confident and wanted to gas up.”

More about KRC Genk in the ANALYSIS. It Is the third veldbezetting of Mazzu’s finally the right one? Liverpool’s coach Juergen Klopp waits for Genk playmaker and gets loftrompet up: “You’re an interesting player, and a very, very, very interesting player” Genk-coach Felice Mazzu is very proud of the performance in the centre of Liverpool, but Apparently it was in the match against AA Gent will be crucial,” Director of football, Ludo Vandewalle is the performance of Genk is very encouraging for the People, as well as for Club Brugge