Brussels Airport was involved after it turned out that one of the restaurants at the airport by car – when the passengers checks – meals are served with the steak knives. In a dangerous situation, it was the critics, as the steak knives “could be used in terrorist attacks may be used’.

It was a concerned passenger who is in the French newspaper La Dernière Heure , it had been reported that holidaymakers have at the meals in the restaurant, SUN setting on the Terminal A of the national airport and the steak knives were delivered to the pizza is to be cut. The passenger was surprised to hear about it, because the controls on the sharp or prohibited items from which the place has already passed. “Someone with bad intentions would be steakmes be able to use it as a weapon,” a voice said in the complaint.

now, Faced with the fact it was in the Brussels Airport was initially surprised, because the restaurants at the airport, in principle, only knives with rounded points, for the service during the meals of the passengers. Those are the rules at the airport. But, from the inquiry it turned out that the restaurant in question, this clearly demonstrates that even the sharp steak knives provided. The pictures on the internet show that. “This, too, was not included in any of the restaurants,” says Anke French, spokeswoman for the Brussels Airport. Brussels Airport is the most requested of these steak knives are no longer to be used. These are then taken away.”