Update – With the car on you, and You, The infotainment system MBUX from Mercedes-Benz is personal and can now also look to the stars.lab0 comments”Hey Mercedes”: The multimedia system and IT can also give a slope report or horoscope reading. Photo: PD

As the first car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz in 2018, introduced an infotainment system, the complete sets of the mind and intelligent to the fact could respond. IT’s the name of this System, and “Hey Mercedes!” you can hear it. Even then, the German manufacturer has announced that IT will continue to be further developed and new functions are added. Now it is so far – thanks to the Update function “over the air” to be activated in the already on the market cars.

The first new feature is not far-fetched: Finally, the infotainment system speaks to the driver with You the formal you has thrown Mercedes finally on Board. The less distanced form of address an emotional attachment to the vehicle is to be created. If you prefer, formally, can be addressed by you, but at least IT offers its owners the You.

the System can also be used to access weather data from the ski resorts and on request a ski report deliver. Apart from the snow height, the weather and the temperature IT supposed to know which ski lifts are in operation. The star is the intelligent System, or at least a daily horoscope to give you can suggest. And to entertain on long trips, the occupants, offers MBUX is now a Geo-Quiz on the capitals of the world – more games to follow.

All of these new features can be enabled for all the IT-systems from now on. For the Chinese market, the infotainment system will be expanded with the addition of: There you should be able to order soon out of the car to eat at home or the cinema to buy tickets. In addition, you can get there, then the current Status of a particular flight in the Central display. If and when these features will also be available in Europe, is not yet known. (lab)

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