After joining the “society” service in the editorial staff of TF1 in 2004, Anne-Claire Coudray was appointed in 2010 as a senior reporter for the channel’s foreign service. It was not until 2015 that she definitively replaced presenter Claire Chazal for the weekend news. Single when she took up her post, Anne-Claire Coudray confided in the columns of Paris Match on the qualities she was looking for in a man: “I expect a man to stimulate me and surprise me by same time. I don’t ask him to be my best friend. Each must remain for the other a mystery that we want to discover every day”, she said.

Today, the JT star shares her life with a certain Nicolas Vix, met in 2014: “I grew up with the image of my parents, a couple based on equality. I wanted to build the same balance. To take my time to find the right person. Many men have found it difficult to bear the particular rhythm of my profession. In the end, meeting late is better to accept the other. This helps to defuse and avoid conflicts. With Nicolas, we are different. Neither he nor I have given up our personality. He is not a journalist but a business manager and helps me to put things into perspective, to calm down. Today, I appreciate being at home, with the family”, she explained to Paris Match. In July 2015, the couple became parents to their first child, a daughter named Amalya.

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A graduate of the Dijon business school, Nicolas Vix began his career in an American multinational specializing in everyday consumer goods called Procter