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resim 230

An increase that promises to be salty. Each autumn, owners and usufructuaries must pay property tax on built properties and that of 2023 promises to be even higher than in 2022. After having soared in many French cities, this tax will experience a new increase, due to inflation, but also to the definitive abolition of the housing tax on main residences.

The calculation of local taxes is made on the cadastral rental values, which are revalued at the beginning of each year, in the same way as the increase in consumer prices of the previous year. In 2022, this increase rose to almost 7%, which gives an idea of ​​the revaluation of rental values ​​in 2023… As a result, your property tax will increase by this same percentage in 2023.

Fortunately, some people may be exempt from this local tax. As the Public Service website explains, several conditions must be met to be exempted:

The means test depends on your reference tax income for the previous year, which must be below certain ceilings. Here they are for 2023:

So far, to benefit from this exemption, the tax site specifies that “the beneficiary must live alone, or with his spouse, or with dependents within the meaning of income tax, or with holders of the same allowance or with people respecting the limit of the reference tax income”.

These terms and conditions are no longer necessary in 2023. The Public Service website explains: “The terms and conditions for occupying housing to benefit from relief on property and housing taxes are abolished by the finance law for 2023”. “These reliefs and exemptions may also be granted to elderly people housed in a long-term care establishment or retirement home, if they retain the enjoyment of their former main residence. The condition that the accommodation remains free of any occupation, including free of charge , is deleted”, adds the site of the Public Service.

If you meet the conditions for exemption from property tax, you do not have to take any action. Please note that it does not apply to the household waste collection tax, which also appears on your tax notice.