Storms are making a comeback. For the last week of June, a stormy deterioration is expected after a period of high temperatures on the weekend of June 24, 2023. Indeed, some departments have been placed on heat wave vigilance. But the situation should change as the week of June 26 progresses. Discover in our slideshow below the departments affected by this climate change.

“Since mid-May, the weather has been a little reversed in our country with beautiful summer conditions in the northern half and numerous storms in a southern third,” explains Gilles Matricon, meteorologist for La Chaîne Météo. But the last week of June, “this rather atypical situation will reverse during the course of next week, with the return of more usual weather”, he adds. Indeed, the British anticyclone, in place for several weeks, should move over the next few days.

Météo-France and La Chaîne Météo agree that the storms should arrive at the end of the week on the majority of French territory. 37 departments are particularly affected by the return of bad weather. Temperatures will also drop over the days to reach an average of 19.8°C on Friday June 30.

It is from Thursday June 29 that a low pressure system will arrive in France. “Ahead, a stormy trend will develop from the Pyrenees to the eastern borders in the afternoon, after a very hot afternoon”, announces Gilles Matrico. But it is Friday that the showers will be more numerous. Indeed, “the disturbance will progress towards the eastern regions where it will bring stormy rains. Strong thunderstorms may occur locally”, he concludes then. Consult our slideshow below to find out if your department is concerned.