(Washington) Former Apple design chief Jony Ive is in talks to team up with ChatGPT creator OpenAI to create an “artificial intelligence iPhone,” the Financial Times reported Thursday.

Citing three anonymous sources, the report said OpenAI CEO Sam Altman turned to Jony Ive’s company LoveFrom to help his startup develop its first artificial intelligence (AI) device. , intended for the general public.

The project would be financed by a billion-dollar investment from Japanese conglomerate Softbank, and Arm, its microprocessor design company, would play a key role.

Discussions to develop the project are reportedly serious, but the process of selecting a specific product is believed to be in its early stages, with “many different ideas on the table,” according to the report.

The same sources specified that it would still take months for the project to be officially approved and years for the product to reach the market.

ChatGPT has brought to the forefront so-called generative AI, which makes it possible to produce all kinds of content (texts, images, sounds, etc.) by simple query in everyday language.

Jony Ive was Apple’s chief design officer from 1997 to 2019, playing a key role in the design of some of the brand’s most iconic products, including the iPhone and MacBook.