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resim 37

The allowance of the one who remains. The survivor’s pension is, as the Public Service site explains, a part “of the pension which the deceased insured person (employee or civil servant) benefited from or could have benefited from”. It is paid under conditions to the spouse or ex-spouse of the survivor. To qualify, you must tick the following boxes:

If you were in a PACS or only cohabiting with the deceased, then you cannot benefit from the survivor’s pension, regardless of the duration of your relationship at the time of death. Please note that the payment of the survivor’s pension is not automatic and must be requested online or in writing.

The amount of the survivor’s pension is not the same for everyone and what you will receive will depend on a very precise calculation. The Public Service website explains that it is equal to “54% of the pension which the deceased benefited from or could have benefited from, without taking into account pension increases”. If the deceased had 60 quarters of pension insurance under the general scheme, then the amount of your survivor’s pension is at least 294.23 euros per month. If he had contributed for less than 15 years, then “the minimum amount mentioned above is reduced in proportion to his duration of insurance”. The maximum amount is set at 11,106.72 euros per year, or 925.56 euros per month.

Like many pensions, the reversion can change in amount depending on your resources. As a reminder, in 2022, the ceilings not to be exceeded were as follows:

If the sum of your resources and your survivor’s pension exceeds these ceilings, then the amount you receive is “reduced to the excess”, explains the Public Service website. Your pension may also be revised upwards or downwards, or even suspended, if your resources vary from one year to another.

If your income decreases due to the loss of your job or a move to part-time, or even your retirement, then the amount may be increased. If you live together again and your income increases, then the amount may decrease. There are exceptions to these rules.

As the Public Service website explains, your survivor’s pension can no longer be revised “three months after the effective date of all your basic and supplementary personal pensions”. If you cannot receive your pension, then it cannot be revised “on the 1st day of the month following your legal retirement age”. At this time, you can also benefit from an increase.

Your survivor’s pension can also be recalculated if you benefit from an increase. To receive it, you must have exercised all your pension rights, for an amount not exceeding 919.77 euros per month and have reached the age of the full automatic rate. If you have not reached this limit, you can benefit from a fixed increase for dependent children, which is 102.78 euros per month and per child.