After the thunderstorms this weekend, temperatures have returned to normal for the season. But this normalization will not last long: the return of heat is expected sometime next week.

“Heat”, a term which remains very relative to the season in this context. This episode will therefore reflect the very mild temperatures of October, the thermometer having broken records compared to last year. The increase is however exceptional: 3.5°C, and this after 8 months of positive anomalies. Indeed, this year, only the month of January will not have been warmer than that of last year, and this by very little: -0.5°C, according to L’Est Républicain.

This rise in temperatures is expected to last at least until mid-November. The causes behind this phenomenon are very similar to those that caused the October heat wave. A depression hovering at the level of the Atlantic indeed pushes the masses of hot air coming from North Africa towards the European continent.

As far as longer-term forecasts are concerned, according to Météo France, “it is this anticyclonic trend, therefore dry, which should prevail for the second half of November”. The weather will therefore be a priori dry until the beginning of December: we risk another month with a deficit of rain. A simple look at the statistics, even if only for the past few years, shows that climate deregulation is becoming the norm.

As for the upcoming rise in temperatures, find below the 11 departments in which it will be particularly hot this Sunday, according to Météo France.