The clock of hopefuls Jeff Saibene at the football second division side Arminia Bielefeld is expired: A day after the disappointing 1:1 in the basement duel against the SV Sandhausen, the 50-year-old native of Luxembourg who had taken care of in the past season for a Renaissance of the former Bundesliga club in the football house, had to.

“I would like to thank the team, the club and the Fans of Arminia Bielefeld for a wonderful and successful time,” said Saibene to the SID. The memories of the time on the Alm “are absolutely positive, because we saved ourselves from a difficult Situation and in the League have stabilized”. Of course, it is a pity that “my time is here now. I regret this very much, because I am convinced that we have achieved our goals. However, I of the Arminian, and all, with the club cheering them, all the best wishes!“

The club, however, came to a different conclusion. “In this season, the hoped-for development in the sport has remained, unfortunately. We see the achievement of our objectives at risk,“ said Samir Arabi, managing Director of sports at the Arminia. After ten in a row without a victory was from the East Westphalian tradition, the rip cord club drawn.

Saibene complained Off in the case of SVS-hit

the successor wants to inform Bielefeld in a timely manner. The football coach had been 20 months on the pasture, with Saibene, Co-Trainer Carsten Rump had to go.

A Surprise, there had been prior to the game against Sandhausen in the personnel area of the Arminian. The game against Sandhausen did not take place without the Bielefeld captain Julian Börner, standing for disciplinary reasons in the squad. “It’s nothing really Bad happens,” said Saibene, according to “kicker” after the game, “but it was enough to remove him from the squad.”

in General, the Luxembourg was not dissatisfied with the appearance of his Eleven against the sand houses. “We had to consider the game is actually in the handle and were. Then the goal was a blow to the neck. I have rarely in my life seen such a clear offside goal,“ he concluded.