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The Union of Breeders of fighting Bulls already has new president, is Antonio Banuelos . Just take possession in the office in a time of absolute uncertainty in the sector of bullfighting. “It is a very difficult time taurinamente, politically and socially,” says the rancher Catalan. So she expressed her predecessor in office, Carlos Nunez , in his farewell letter: “We are living through a few days that could possibly be the most hard in the recent history of Spain , and we’re seeing once again discriminated against by the State Administration, which does not recognize bullfighting as a Cultural Heritage of all spaniards”.

After a decade of Nunez to the front of the institution, which complies 115 years, Banuelos takes on the challenge with the aim of working for the general good of the 350 ranchers that brings this association. “Two years ago, several groups of farmers told me that they needed a person of continuity and consensus, and here I am, unfinished’t believe it,” he says.

– How do you approach this appointment?

-This sector has given me many joys, so live with passion, and I hope I can reciprocate in such a difficult moment and back a little, although I am aware that we live in one of the most difficult times.

-Is complicated on many fronts: suspensions, political attacks…

-it Is a kind of war in which have been suspended, festivities and we have a disregard for policy that makes us have little hope of having any collaboration. But we are essential part of culture and also of the agriculture, because we are curators of a heritage as is the dehesa, with what it implies for the biosphere and climatology in Spain, dedicated to the extensive bravo, the fixation of the rural population, for the working woman. We contribute to the fixation of the rural areas, which is important.

Antonio Banuelos takes you to the front of his cattle since 1993, after acquiring the iron Eulate. More than two decades of love for the toro bravo, in conjunction with your a facet of businessman. “I began the process of acclimating the toro de lidia to a new habitat area of Spain. I have the source of Maribel Ybarra , that was what I had always wanted, bulls very low, with three-layer, reminiscent of the bulls chestnut trees from the time of Curro Romero and Rafael de Paula . And we have kept faithfully to that source, and we have already spent 27 years”.

– how Many cumshots I had for this season? Have you sent a bull to the slaughter?

-we Had nine cumshots and placed eight. It was the years that the best expectations we had. We were going to San Isidro, where there we grappled from 2016, which we got the award for the best livestock. We didn’t go back because our bull does not always correspond with the demands of weight and antler in Madrid. We had prepared cinqueños and then another for the squares usual, three of them in France. For the moment, we have five suspended. But I have not sent bulls to the slaughter, yes I have sold for bullfighters. Now there is to wait with the optimism of the second part.

-It is suspending almost everything. Do you trust that you have bulls?

-I Think it is going to be able to deal if it modifies the tort of comparative health and sanitary requirements and the desescalada with other cultural sectors, such as the cinema or the theatre. If we can get a seat with more spectators, maybe you could become sustainable on the show. In Andalusia we are going to start a few days televised, I even think that there is an important meeting tomorrow in Counseling, to see the possibility of giving more bullfighting.

-The different levels have created a crisis cabinet. What is the mission exact of that committee?

-This crisis committee is going to act, bringing together all sectors of the art of bullfighting, cattle ranchers, businessmen, bullfighters, banderilleros and others who claim to protection, as manufacturers tackle or pujas. The objective is joint action to vindicate and clarify the situation of bullfighting in the Culture sector, whether it is comfortable or not comfortable, to know if we are going to be promoted, protected and subsidized as is their obligation. Yesterday he gave seven million euros for culture, and it’s already announced before the other seventy. Us what we carry is accumulated about 80 billion euros in losses, about six thousand cows in the field, bravo, and 140 million of VAT provided in the previous exercise. All change of sixty thousand euros of grant.

-Paul Churches seem to worry “greatly” that the bulls are a cultural practice…

-he Said that he incomodaban. She has already responded to the president of Extremadura (Guillermo Fernández Vara) saying that he is very comfortable, many families depend on the world of the bull in Extremadura, where you will protect and will help. ABC also comes out that, in the Cortes of Aragon, we Can support a proposal taurine. It can be a particular view within a political party, what happens is that Pablo Iglesias said as second vice-president and in the Senate, that is the most serious and disturbing. Culture is not a matter of the tastes of a politician, what interests us is the respect and comply with the law. And the bulls are a show legal.