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resim 67

This Friday, November 4, France 3 will broadcast at 9:10 p.m. Immediate boarding, a brand new entertainment program. In this first issue, Patrick Fiori’s mission is to introduce viewers to the songs of Corsican heritage. A mission dear to his heart since the artist is of Corsican origin.

Born in Marseille to an Armenian father and a Corsican mother, Patrick Fiori lived a large part of his childhood on the island of Beauty. If the 53-year-old singer had the chance to travel around the world, he nevertheless chose to settle in Corsica. At the slightest opportunity, the artist is full of praise for the beauty of the Corsican landscape. “It’s a majestic, magical, sometimes bewitched place”, he declared in the program Le histoire de Philippe Gougler on Europe 1. During this interview, he confides that he is in love with the local culture. and the hospitality of its people.

Patrick Fiori told TV Magazine that he initiated the concept of the program. “I had the idea of ​​this program which follows the two Corsu Mezu Mezu albums, where titles from the Corsican repertoire are performed in duet by an island artist and another from the continent”, he declared. coach of The Voice, however, had to put his career for “a year on hold” to carry out this project. Regarding his role as host, the singer admitted to having hesitated before “to put on this new costume”. , the show and the songs are enough on their own, I just did the intermediary, from time to time, in addition to a few sketches. If I would like to renew the experience with a second Immediate Boarding? Tomorrow, if necessary, I’ll go back!”, he said.

The singer did not carry out this project alone. He was indeed able to count on the help of the production company Morgane. “This project was born on the one hand thanks to the links woven over the past few years between Patrick Fiori, his team and Morgane and on the other hand with the desire to create a new entertainment format that links artists, a repertoire but also a region, a territory”, explained the production company to us.

Immediate boarding was filmed in mid-October in the setting of the open-air theater of Casone, in Ajaccio. Fifteen artists and musical groups have been invited to revisit the greatest songs of Corsican heritage. The idea of ​​the program is to bring together the stars of French song and local polyphonic artists and groups on the same stage to offer viewers a full-bodied and unique getaway.

Among the stars of French song, Patrick Fiori was able to count on the presence of many showbiz friends including Bénabar, Patrick Bruel, Claudio Capéo, Clément Albertini (The Voice 8), Jenifer, Joyce Jonathan, Claire Keim, Soprano, Christophe Willem and Ycare.

As for Corsican polyphonic artists and groups, viewers will discover L’Avvinta, Laurent Bruschini, Canta U Populu Corsu, Antoine Ciosi, Gianluca Cucciari, Diana di l’Alba, Una Fiara Nova, A Filetta, Delia Lucia, Francine Massiani, Christophe Mondoloni, Jean-Charles Papi, A Pasqualina, Natali Valli, Diana Saliceti and Voce Ventu.

If Embarquement immediate presents itself a fortiori as a unit, the program has the potential to be declined in several numbers, which gives the possibility of discovering other artists and musical cultures.

“As for new numbers, we have other ideas that we are working on but that will of course depend on the reception given by the public to this very first Immediate Boarding”, replied the production company Morgane.

Before projecting ourselves on new numbers, let’s first take advantage of this first musical escapade on the Island of Beauty in the company of Patrick Fiori.