Venice Film Festival: model Mariacarla Boscono almost naked on the red carpet


A Venice Film Festival that started with a bang. This August 31, 2022 marked the start of the 79th Venice International Film Festival. For the first day of competition, many celebrities including the French actress Catherine Deneuve were present to receive the honorary prize for her entire career.

During his visit to the red carpet, the star of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg had unveiled one of his tattoos on the foot. “The first dates from a long time ago, it’s in the neck, hidden by my hair. On the foot, it’s more recent. I’ve always liked it,” she explained in the columns of Obsession magazine. in 2014 and to continue: “It’s special, it’s like a sign. A desire to be different. It’s quite erotic”.

On the occasion of the screening of the film White Noise, the Italian model Mariacarla Boscono made a strong impression on the red carpet and for good reason, the 41-year-old star was almost completely naked. It is in a set of black tulle that she posed in front of the photographers who did not miss a beat. Topless with only clothing, a beige corset, the Italian star left little to the imagination.

Check out her incredible red carpet appearance in our slideshow.