The supposed hidden son of King Charles III is once again being talked about. For several years, Simon Dorante-Day, an Australian from England, has claimed to be the hidden son of King Charles III and his second wife Camilla Parker Bowles.

According to him, it was conceived in 1965, when the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were teenagers. According to him, the two spouses would have attended before their respective marriages, he with Diana, she with Andrew Parker Bowles. He says that after he was born in 1966 he was placed in the care of a Portsmouth family with close ties to the royal family. Indeed, Simon Dorante-Day claims in an interview with the Australian media 7news that his adoptive grandparents were employed by the Crown, working in particular as a gardener and cook in the palaces of the queen. He even assures: “My grandmother told me that I was the son of Camilla and Charles on several occasions.”

Convinced of being the secret child of King Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles, the man sent them several letters and also the documents for the members of the royal family to do a DNA test to prove his royal origins. But he never got an answer.

This story, Simon Dorante-Day has been proclaiming for several years. In an attempt to assert his rights, the man took legal action to the High Court of Australia. Legal requests that have been rejected three times. “At the end of the day, I’m just a man looking for his biological parents, and all roads lead me to Charles and Camilla,” he added in the Daily Mirror.

Undaunted, this electronics engineer continues to post documents and photos on Facebook that suggest resemblances to his supposed parents and their families. In 2021, it was with a photo comparing his own son Liam to Queen Elizabeth II when she was in her twenties that he was “blown away” by their resemblance. A real proof for Simon Dorante-Day who thinks that Princess Diana was aware. According to him, she would have “gathered the pieces of the puzzle” shortly before her death in August 1997, when she had “decided to make the case public”.

More recently, the supposed hidden son of the new king of England revealed to have sent a letter to Elizabeth II a few days before her death. “Your Majesty, first of all, I hope this letter finds you in good health and in good spirits as we approach the festival season”, begins the letter, relayed by The Mirror and to add that he reportedly underwent “medical procedures” as a child to alter his appearance: “I can certainly understand, and to some extent forgive, the actions that have been taken in the past in relation to my existence, but I cannot forget what happened”. Convinced of being the couple’s hidden child, Simon Dorante-Day adds: “During my last visit to the United Kingdom in 1998, my adoptive grandmother Winifred told me herself that my biological parents were your son Charles and his wife Camilla”.

Despite numerous requests from him, the royal family does not seem ready to speak on the subject or to want to do a DNA test, as Kévin Guillot, historian and author of the site, told us.