resim 436
resim 436

This is the fiction event to discover on TF1. This Thursday March 16 is broadcast Prometheus, a mini-series mixing the detective register and the fantastic universe. Split into six episodes of 52 minutes each, the soap opera was created by Nicolas Jean and Claire Kanny, produced by UGC FICTION and the 1st channel, under the direction of Christophe Campos.

Three days after the end of Avenir, the science fiction comedy with Kev Adams, TF1 continues its momentum by offering here a dark and confusing thriller. What is this miniseries about? Who is this Prometheus, central character of the plot? Planet reveals the information you need to know before discovering the first images this evening.

Here is the plot of the fantastic series in a few lines. “Hit by a car and yet without sequelae, a young 17-year-old girl does not remember anything. Neither where she comes from nor who she is. All she has is a strange first name: Prometheus” , indicates the summary unveiled by TF1 in a press release. “Rescued by those who knocked her down, she begins to have violent visions that connect her to a crime scene from which the murderer is still at large. Was she a witness? Is she involved in this murder?” .

Full of questions that shake the mind of this young heroine like no other, in search of her own identity. Especially since Prometheus “discovers amazing physical abilities”. Unexpected faculties that could shed light on this mystery. However, this mission does not promise to be easy for the investigators. Here are in pictures the trailer and the faces of the cast of Prometheus.

In the title role of Prometheus, we discover the actress Fantine Harduin. Aged 18, this talented Belgian actress embodies the amnesiac heroine found naked in the woods. “It’s true that it was not easy, easy,” she jokes in Le Parisien before confessing about this scene. “But it was not the first day of filming, fortunately”.

The interpreter of this teenager with supernatural powers responds to two leading actresses from TF1: Camille Lou (I promise you, Les Combattantes) and Odile Vuillemin (Profiling, Why I live). The first plays Elise Kirvin, a police captain who has been investigating the unsolved murder of a high school student for two months, while the second plays Marie Clairmont, a psychologist and expert in behavior and emotions.

Other leading TV faces join the cast of the series. As in particular Marie-Josée Croze (the headmaster Caroline Lasset) and Thomas Jouannet (the doctor Charles Lasset), without forgetting Samy Seghir (the police officer Elias Amrani). A troupe of actors who shot the series for several months in 2022. One of the stars goes behind the scenes of the filming.

In a press release published by TF1, we learned that the filming of Prometheus began on January 18, 2022 in the south-west of France. It is in the heart of the Landes that the setting for fantastic fiction has been set. Asked by TF1Pro, the actress Camille Lou keeps “a great memory”.

“We shot in the Landes and on the coast. The light, which is great there, brings a special atmosphere. The team was great and we laughed a lot during this very joyful shoot”, she told our colleagues by adding. “We were all on the same wavelength. This is also what makes the strength of a project”. This is a soap opera that should keep fans of the fantasy genre in suspense every Thursday evening on TF1.