New look for a new life ? Changing a haircut often means change, a feeling of well-being or the desire to make a new start. However, it is recommended not to entrust the care of your hair to just anyone. Some professionals agree on the same wick to confirm it to you.

Nicolas Waldorf, the star hairdresser of the program Incroyables transformations (M6), revealed for Planet the most unusual requests of his customers. “The hardest part was at the time of the tecktonik, a long time ago (in the 2000s, editor’s note). I saw women arriving with magnificent hair and who asked me to give them a little short crest at the above their heads”, he confessed to us last June. “For me, it was the worst fashion, it was horrible”.

Former celebrity hairdresser, Sacha also revealed to us the hilarious gems he heard at the salon during his career. “I am very happy to have completed what I had done before,” said the man who published two volumes of his Brèves de coiffures with Les 3 Colonnes editions. For better and for fun, these hairdressing pros don’t have their tongues in their pockets, but they have the gift of sublimating very beautiful faces.

Alas, not everyone has had the chance to pass through the expert hands of these facialists. According to some unlucky people who do not hesitate to reveal some hair disasters seen on social networks. Bad coloring, baldness and failed attempt… The result very often turns to disaster.

As proof, Planet has selected a few images for you that will help you put things into perspective. Here is a (non-exhaustive) anthology of the 40 worst haircuts in the world, never to be reproduced… Under penalty of being arrested by the hair fashion police!