More than a language, the Belgians and the French also share a common culture. In the artistic field, many celebrities cross the border in order to acquire a certain notoriety in these two French-speaking countries.

The field of music particularly illustrates this phenomenon since certain stars from Belgium are now erected as monuments of French-speaking music. One of the singers who best illustrates this link which unites the two countries is Jacques Brel.

This immense artist is, indeed, celebrated both in Belgium and in France for his voice and his poems which he interpreted in music. Although he was born and spent most of his life in his country of birth, he also walked the boards of Parisian theaters and had a real admiration for French culture.

“She calmed my excesses, she taught me tolerance. And I have the weakness to believe that she taught me humor”, he declared about France in the columns of Figaro in 1963. “France is the only salon where I am proud to take off my hat. It taught me not to take myself seriously, which is both a source of courage and humor. It was for me like a teaspoon that would have removed my navel,” he said.

But beyond Jacques Brel and music, it is a whole part of the field of art that unites France and Belgium. Thus, years later, in the 21st century, television has also become a medium allowing Belgian stars to become real celebrities on French territory.

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