Leuven < / P> Amokmakers who regularly come into contact with the police in the Old Market square in Leuven in belgium, risking a ban for the city. This is one of the many measures that the city council, the police and non-Old Market, to the nuisance to a minimum.

“We’re not talking about someone who once was involved in an altercation, or once was,” said the mayor, Muhammad Ridouani SP.(A). “It’s going to be about people who are known to the police, repeated and serious offences to commit. The real heethoofden, which is several times tempted to be cheap, violence, or other acts which are not due to to the bracket. For them, we are going to be in the future, plaatsverbod on you, and it is in the Old Market, and only temporarily, is a no-gozone. Compare it with the one to impose for the hooligans, but in Europe.


The measure is any longer possible in the context of the GAS laws, but in Leuven it is never used. That is now changing. “It’s not dozens of people,” says the chief of police, Jean-Paul, Mouchaers. “It’s going to be the actual ‘regular customers’. And that means that we will also be able to carry out the plaatsverbod shall be complied with. You can rest assured that the people who currently have such a ban risk, which we often encounter, and which are well-known to all of our teams. As we are to them, the imposition of such a prohibition, however, on the Old Market, and see them at risk of greater punishment. ”

The plaatsverbod or access prohibition is infringed, it is the most visible of a whole series of measures which the city, the police and the bar owners can take in order to keep disruption to a minimum. “We have been working closely together to make nightlife safe to do so, ” says the chief of police. “On a busy uitgaansnachten, we have more than ten patrol on the road, which is also one citizen who is in direct contact with the pub and restaurant were friendly and fast, on-the-spot, and moving on. Due to that, many of the teams are on the job, in a lot of incidents, quick action and accused him. We will, of course, also in the future is expected to continue.”

All within 6 hours.

you Recently did to the mayor and the vice-chancellor of the university of Leuven, Leuven, Luc Sels have a call in to the public domain, is free of the nuisance at the time children in the morning to go to school. The npo, the Old Market and we will be responding to. The mayor made the case for the empty terraces at 7 in the morning, go to the catering industry even further, “We are committed to starting at 6 pm in the terraces, and clay, they are clean and borstellen. For our clients, we will from then on try to keep it inside. The windows and doors to keep as much as possible, to inconvenience, to avoid,” says Erik De Rop non-profit Old town square.

the Bars that are still, always, the location of the disturbance or incident and does not take steps to do that in an organisation result in a temporary closure. But all of the staff signed up for the event at the vzw Oude Markt. “I am very happy with it also, and that is of their own making is coming,” says the mayor, Ridouani. Furthermore, for a show starting in november, a training on responsible serving’, in which they learn how to deal with a customer who already had a drink too many on it.

“Leuven is a very pleasant amusement. We are very proud of and that we’re not about to change. However, in the late hours of the night, there can sometimes be a nuisance. You can’t prevent that from happening, but we want to do it as much as possible, to a certain extent. Through these initiatives, we hope to have made a major step in the right direction,” concludes Ridouani.