(Paris) The TweetDeck application, which allows you to consult several Twitter accounts and lists on the same screen, very popular with journalists and researchers, will soon be accessible only to certified accounts, that is to say paying accounts, announced Tuesday the platform.

“In 30 days, users will have to be certified to have access to TweetDeck”, announced Twitter, which has just launched a new version of the application, so far in free access.

“All your saved searches, lists, and columns will be transferred to the new TweetDeck. You will be prompted to import your columns when you first load the app,” Twitter continues.

This new modification of the rules of Twitter comes a few days after its owner Elon Musk decided to limit the reading of tweets, per account and per day, officially on a provisional basis, causing the misunderstanding of many users.

Initially set at 6000 tweets for verified accounts (with a blue tick, paid), 600 for regular accounts and 300 for new unverified accounts, the cap was raised to 8000, 800 and 400 respectively, then to 10,000, 1000 and 500.

The decision aims, according to Elon Musk, to counter the exploitation of Twitter by third-party companies specializing in artificial intelligence (AI).

Once free, and a guarantee of authenticity and notoriety, the blue tick on Twitter now means that the user is subscribed to Twitter Blue (for 8 dollars per month) and that their phone number has been verified by the platform.