St. Denis, a rough suburb North of Paris. Here Joachim Löw was desperate to go, in the summer of 2016. He managed only to Marseille, to the semi-finals.

There, his selection was your best game on that EM, but failed on the host. To match this Tuesday at the national stadium of the French Löw wanted to.

the draw for The newly designed Nations League would have it so that the new world champion receives the German in the Moment, in which the former world champion staggers and staggers.    

in the Midst of a relegation battle, which is at the same time, a struggle for Survival. For the national coach. A few months ago, the 58-Year-old was despite some worrying test results in the fall of 2017 and spring 2018 as untouchable.

Joachim Löw to Find the way out of the crisis, the DFB-Eleven?

world champion in 2014, including the European Championships two years later succeeded Löw in six consecutive tournaments since the home world Cup in 2006, reaching the semi-finals.

There was a time when Löw was Everybody's Darling in Germany. Always smart, charming, eloquent – and successful. With the Golden world Cup, he crowned his reign.

And now he stands in front of the descent with his crew in the B-League this Uefa-invention. But also: before the dismissal. Really? GES/eye click Even in the most difficult Phase of his tenure, Joachim Löw does not think to throw in.

Or Löw can still find the way out of this at least since the world Cup in Russia, the ongoing crisis? The 0:3 in Amsterdam against the Netherlands hurt.

No goal in the last three compulsory five bankruptcies play, already this year, so bitter the country saw the last game of the year in 1985. It Broke number six threatens.

Joachim Löw: "With the pressure I can handle already"

His last? Currently, everything is questioned. His tactics, his style of play, his selection of personnel, and his leadership style. Everything. Every movement will be dissected on Tuesday in the TV. A coach under observation. Under Pressure.

"criticism, one must accept, but as a coach, I aperture that I can do well in the days between the Games," he said on Monday afternoon at the press conference, "my important task for the game on Tuesday".

And, as in Amsterdam came the question as to the pressure, whether he’ll be because of these days is worse. "I sleep differently," he admitted.

But for a different reason: "I was a bit ill with flu, had A sore throat and pain in the limbs, which often disturbs the peaceful sleep. With the pressure I can handle, I knew it would be a massive". Bong arts/ Memphis Depay scored in the preliminary rounds, at the end of 2:0 against Germany.

And then the key phrase: &quot followed up with a winning smile;If that was all, I think it is." the Morning after the 0:3, he had a conversation with President Reinhard Grindel.

"He gave me the vote of confidence – which is good", reported Löw and added immediately: "But that’s not the most Important thing for me. We must now stand together, is clear.quot;

Joachim Löw: the back cover of the DFB-Boss Reinhard Grindel

Grindel had given Löw back cover: "That is the way our team after the world Cup, can also bring setbacks, it was clear to all of us."

But as derb? The world champion coach, before the start of the tournament in Russia without the need for a contract until 2022 equipped, has made it vulnerable to attack.

in the Meantime, he is forced to use the rhetoric of a normal League trainers, the need to justify themselves in a relegation battle for set-up and tactics: "We play against the champion of the world, have nothing to lose, only to win," said Loew.

And, also a classic in such a threatening Situation: "We want to make it up to you, what we have failed to do against the Netherlands."

trainer dawn. If the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" from "a kind of endgame" for national coach Löw speaks, then it is definitely one. So, a final wish for no coach.

This article was written by Patrick Strasser

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