Joe Biden outraged – Trump goes golfing and criticism triggers from the US President shows calmed down, because the Corona case numbers decrease. Joe Biden criticized him for it. Also, there were protests in front of the Golf club.oli/sda2 Kommentare2Zum the first Time since the Lockdown: U.S. President Donald Trump plays Golf.Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo/Keystone

After a long break due to the Corona-pandemic, U.S. President Donald Trump at the weekend, went back to the Golf course- in the midst of the efforts to return the country to normality. Both Saturday and on Sunday visited Trump one of his Golf clubs close to the capital city of Washington. His opponent responded with criticism.

Trumps the probable Challenger in the presidential election, Joe Biden, for example, wrote on Saturday evening on Twitter, almost 100’000 people in the USA had come through the pandemic killed many millions of people lost their jobs – and the President spend the day on the Golf course.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a close Confidant of Trumps, by contrast, defended the Golf outing for the President. “It is time, the economy in a smart way, to revive and to return to a more normal life,” wrote Graham on Saturday on Twitter. US media reported that Trump had been in place since March, not more Golf.

The public life in the United States in the light of the Corona-crisis months largely to a Halt, throwing the economy of the country in a serious crisis. In the meantime, the Federal States have been in the US many corona-related loosened restrictions again.

The US President on the way to the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.Photo: Joshua Roberts/Reuters

The crisis, however, is overcome not. The USA are on the verge of exceeding the mark of 100’000 Corona-dead.

Trump wrote, however, on Sunday, on Twitter: “in cases, Numbers, and fatalities in the whole country!” He is pushing ahead with the re-opening of the economy with emphasis, although experts advise more caution.

The coordinator for the Corona-working group of the White house, Deborah Birx, said on Sunday the broadcaster ABC, it was more urgently necessary distance to comply with the rules and to dispense with meetings of more than ten persons as far as possible. There are many cases where the Virus from people who showed no symptoms, will passed. Therefore, proactive Corona Tests in the country would have to be expanded.

protesters greeted Trump at the Golf club, as the presidential motorcade arrived.Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo/Keystone0 comment please Login to comment