in Spite of the apparent based on the British series “Broadchurch” brought “death of a girl” with Barbara Auer and Heino Ferch ZDF 2015, with a market share of almost 25 percent. Eight million viewers – such Figures are a Wake-up call, especially since the streaming services becoming more widespread, and the investigators are flocking Second to authorize the individual TV-movie as an event is marginal. Even the usually rate strong ARD-“Tatort” experienced in the past year, significant losses in peak and width. The return to the North Holm, the small town in which the murder of a fourteen-year-old student four years ago, had an impact on almost all the relationships of the community, it was only a matter of time, and was placed at the end of “death of a girl” in a view.

The (rate of success)of the recipe in the new two-parter “The lost family” the same. The celebrity density is in the supporting roles. Thomas Berger (book and direction) relies on the tried-and-true mixing of unimaginative chronological narrative, crime development and dynamic family constellations. The camera of Frank Küpper, ranging from the always beneficial In-scene-Put the main characters up to repeated coastal image cliché (beach impression, cliff approach, Mr sit-around-geschweife, forest, glade, atmosphere by the sea, night wave, waves) to sufficiently well-Known. The music by Florian Tessloff relies on string tension reinforcing and piano melancholic act of outdoing others.

It currently lives in shades of warm, dark wall, blue

The equipment (Thorsten Lau) is based on the current “Schöner Wohnen”-the color of the calendar (it currently lives in shades of warm, dark wall, blue with cognac-colored furniture). And, in turn, the crime relates to the family in the neighbouring house of the COP Hella Christensen (Auer), which was sold at public auction to the investigation of the murder of the schoolgirl Jennifer Broder and the departure of her father. The mother of the dead girl, Silke Broder (Anja Kling), dwells now in your bookshop in the city centre, and organized readings, including the novelist Hendrik Holler (Rüdiger Vogler), whose murky relations with the Hotelier, Uwe Hahn (Gustav Peter Wöhler), the subject of the investigation. On any of the family homes of happiness is here. Where nothing Criminal is happening, live, at least the despair.

On the day that the North rail of the Prime Minister is expected to hold on the occasion of the Eight centenary of the location of a speech, the father of Jakob Thomsen (Hanno Friedrich) found at the foot of the cliff dead. The medical examiner detects mysterious and not quite logically clearly a suicide. Thomsen’s wife, Anna (Bernadette Heerwagen) and daughter Lilly (Zoe Malia Moon) remain disappeared.