For three seasons, the show Cleaners, the household experts, has been in full swing on TFX. This program, which some might compare to the old show C’est duproper on M6, features four experts who are more different from each other. Laura, Claude, Leslie and Alexandre all come from different backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: they are cleaning pros, each bringing their own expertise.

Leslie is a mother of three children. This energetic woman with a singing accent has become self-employed in the cleaning sector. A vocation that was born when she was younger, as she confided to us. “One thing leading to another, I have always done cleaning. I am self-employed in cleaning, decoration, organization. Cleaners is done by chance with a cast. I loved the first season. Cleaning, for me, is not a chore at all. Giving the smile back to people who need it is really cool”, she explains to us.

With his team, Leslie has to face sometimes desperate situations, some owners leaving their homes abandoned. Lacking time, lack of motivation or suffering from Diogenes syndrome, they have no choice but to ask these experts for help. A task that the young woman takes to heart to achieve, she who has always advocated benevolence. “When you arrive at these people, what shocks the most, apart from cleaning, is their distress. It goes very far. Sometimes it comes from a childhood problem. There is cleaning to be done at the household level, but there is also interior cleaning to be done. We’re really going to dig into people and ask them what’s going on, how they got there.”

Over the three days of intervention, a bond is created between the expert and the owners who do not hesitate to openly confide in the deeper causes of their discomfort. “Last year it was at Victoria and it upset me a lot. What’s good is that people understood that Cleaners was not a voyeuristic show”, she explained to us and continued: “We have cases this year where people dare to ask for help. ‘aid. Humanly, emotionally and even physically, it’s not easy, but you’re happy when you’ve done the job.

It must be said that unlike some shows of the genre, the household experts stay in contact with the people who have requested the program. “I am in contact with almost everyone and out of 24 cases, there are maybe one or two who flinch a little”. For them, it is “a renewal, a human rescue, it is not just cleaning”. New episodes that you can discover from May 7 on TFX.