TV-criticism, “the scene of the crime” – A Sniper lurks in the city would help? The new Stuttgart “Tatort” makes us all uncomfortable questions, before he gets lost a little in the Plot. Alexandra Kedves2 Kommentare2Im reticle of the riflescope is a Stuttgart-based journalist: Had you written any unfavorable article?Photo: The First

The objective of the telescope moves from a passerby to the next. While the Scottish Indie-singer Isobel Campbell brings in the ” Off ” almost translucent, “Sunrise”, come on over Stuttgart’s roofs, the sun, and somewhere on one of these rooftops, death is lurking. With Friederike Jehn a crime-debutante has led for the first time a woman in the Stuttgart “Tatort”, Director, also, and at the beginning of the “You” be blessed with a great, mood – such as stress full “Dirty Harry”reference.

The invisible Sniper targets, hits, and a journalist, a mother of two children, loses her life. During the breeding Lannert, the commissioners (Richy Müller) and Bootz (Felix Klare) on a cryptic letter announcing the murder with an ominous “1”. There’s no question that More crimes threaten. Who is running as a quasi-Amok dosed? Must be warned of the population? The claim of responsibility, there is little evidence: native German speaker, “may be high school graduation, 53 percent male to 47 percent female.” So, a guessing game.

high-speed Thriller

And erwischts the Next, a Jogger in the vineyards. The Thriller is already in full swing, and yet screenwriter Wolfgang Stauch (“lioness smuggled in”) smooth retarding, and sometimes even comedic moments, such as Bootz’ Strip on the track. In this Duktus it could have been more. That is still a dramatic rotation occurs, overloaded to the Story, however: It looks as if the author had tied up all the enthusiasm a lot of fabric that would have been enough for several “crime scenes”, wrong-headed with each other.

“You alone” is based actually on that case, blatant denial of assistance that rocked in October 2016 Germany: at the Time, several customers rose in the hall of the Essen branch of the Bank just over a Dying man to do your business. They called not have to put the sick. Would you help?

The topic would be virulent up to today. You, however, in view of the detailed perpetrators of drawing office elaborate flashbacks, in view of the philosophical arabesques on self-justice and the arg tricky plot twists a little, under; as well as the sympathetic figure of state attorney Alvarez (Carolina Vera), which in this case – the 25. the team was established in 2008 in the Neckar city was adopted. More focus and less psychological-melodramatic fancy Zelter frippery would have made a very ordinary “crime scene” is a really great.

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