“Madam, sir, welcome aboard”. Every year, airlines redouble their efforts to attract as many travelers as possible. For tourists and French and foreigners, several criteria are taken into account to make the ideal trip: comfort, flight time or safety.

Are you planning to take the plane soon for a (short or long) trip abroad and you want to travel in complete peace of mind? On January 3, 2023, the Airlineratings site published the ranking of the most secure airlines among 385 companies assessed. The list was established on several criteria, with a seven-star rating system. As detailed by Geoffrey Thomas in his study: “accidents over 5 years, serious incidents over two years, audits by aviation governing bodies and the main associations; the age of the fleet, the expert analysis of the pilot training and COVID protocols”.

According to the editor of AirlineRatings.com, “these airlines stand out in the industry and are at the forefront of safety, innovation and the launch of new aircraft”. From Europe to Asia via America and Oceania, these numerous airlines are used daily by millions of travelers. Note, to the great surprise, that the company Air France does not appear in the top 20.

But, which is the safest airline to travel the world in 2023? Planet reveals the ranking established by our colleagues, in pictures in our slideshow.