for those Who have an iPhone 5 and would like to have the unit continues to operate, it can only be better with the latest update to the thread. That will let Apple know about it. “It is necessary to use different functions, to be able to continue to use it.”

you can update to iOS 10.3.4 prior to november 3, done. If the iPhone 5 does not have the very latest version by that date, it can be challenging for all of the applications that are using out of date or location. Good to know that nearly all of the apps.

now, as to Why the apps no longer work properly it has to be a bug in the GPS system. That’s 19.7 years and will reset itself then. If the iPhone 5 has reset the device, thinking that it was the 3rd of november 1999.

The owners of newer Apple devices that don’t have to worry, they have more recent software, and have been excluded from the count of the gps system.
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