Renault has objection to the payment of his detention in Japan, sitting heads of Carlos Ghosn, unlike the partner company Nissan, legally. According to a preliminary conclusion as to the remuneration of the auto Manager have complied with the relevant laws and Standards, informed Renault on Thursday. The company’s legal Department will investigate the allegations of the Nissan against Ghosn. The Board of Directors of Renault has decided that Ghosn Board of Directors remains the chief, and the Company will continue to be represented.

The Prosecutor’s office in Tokyo accuses the founder and longstanding CEO of the business Alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, to have the amount of his payment from Nissan for years, veiled. The on 19. November imposed on him on remand, the court extended this week after new allegations in the indictment. A request by his lawyer against the extended detention was a failure.

Renault’s partner company Nissan, which had revealed the financial scandal of Ghosn, pursued the suspected embezzlement of company funds legally. The automaker sued on Tuesday Ghosns sister in Brazil, because of unjust enrichment. Details of the lawsuit were not immediately known. However, according to previous Reports, the Japanese newspaper, Yomuri, the sister of the Brazilian-born Ghosn inhabited an apartment in Rio de Janeiro that had been purchased by Nissan in 2011 for the car boss. Ghosn had instructed Nissan 2002, to pay his sister-in-year, $ 100,000 for consultant activities that do not have this provided. A representative of the family Ghosn was not reached immediately to comment.