Team USA flag bearers will be in Tokyo, which is likely to make them the coolest of their pack members.

Ralph Lauren built a personal air conditioner into a large white jacket that will be worn by the athletes to be honored during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and Paralympics.

The technology distributes heat through the skin using a fan device located at the back of your neck. It also has a small personal battery controller inside. It is similar to the way large computers are kept cooled.

Ralph Lauren’s son David Lauren is vice chairman of the company’s Board and chief branding officer.

The rest of the team will be wearing tailored navy blazers made from U.S.-grown Wool, with a red Olympic patch on one side and the Polo Pony emblem the other.

They will wear a horizontal blue-and white striped T-shirt, which is dyed using less water, chemicals, and energy. Slim blue jeans and a flag-print scarf are also included.

The recycled plastic water bottles used to make the athletes’ striped belts. The patch at the bottom of the pants is a nod towards leather alternatives. It’s made from plant-based materials and agricultural products that are free of synthetic plastics.

Ralph Lauren did not forget the masks. They will be made of solid navy cotton and a small American flag on the other side.

For the closing ceremony uniforms, which will be worn by over 600 Olympic athletes and Paralympians, the company chose crisp white with red-and-blue accents.

Lauren explained to the AP that Team USA organizers wanted athletes to feel “red, white, and blue” at the world’s coming out party.

This sentiment is prompted by growing concerns about the spread COVID, just days before the Games officially open on July 23. Paralympics will begin on Aug. 24.

Lauren stated via Zoom, “They wanted products which were completely sustainable and future-oriented.”

The uniforms for the parade were made in America. Since 2008, Ralph Lauren has outfitted Team USA.

New York City Olympians Daryl Homer, and Peter Westbrook, showed off the Tokyo look for the AP at a Polo Ralph Lauren store downtown. They stressed comfort and recalled the excitement of past marches with American teams during Parade of Nations.

Homer, a silver medal-winning sabre fencing competitor, will make his third Olympic appearance in Tokyo. Westbrook, an African American fencer, was the first to win a bronze medal in 1984. He also served as the flag bearer. He trains Olympic fencing hopefuls.

Westbrook spoke of his Olympic walk as an overwhelming feeling both of pride and unity.

“And then, the crème de la creme you have to fight each other. He said, “With love.” It’s the most beautiful thing you can experience.

Homer described the uniforms as “very comfortable, verybreathable,” although the much-discussed beret that each American athlete received at the London Opening Ceremony 2012 was one his favourite Olympic pieces.

He smiled and said, “I think that this is my second favourite.”

Ralph Lauren was criticized for wearing uniforms made from China at the London Games.

Team apparel, but not the cooling element found in the flag bearer jacket, is available at select Ralph Lauren department stores and online at or

Homer tried the flag bearer jacket on and loved the idea.

“If you can cool your self, why cool a space?” He said, “I think that’s really cool.”

Homer said that the five-year span rather than the usual four between Olympics was difficult for him, as well as the reduced fanfare and pandemic protocols for Tokyo.

He said, “Everyone is really eager to get out there and compete.” “One positive is that the next Games in Paris will be held in three years in 2024. Right now, I want to be there where I am.”