“It was probably made in Flanders, however, is still a future for the business model for package sales through one-stop-shop”, says Jan van der Borg, professor of Tourism at the catholic university of Leuven in belgium and at the university of Venice, it is in There. “Otherwise, it would be the Spanish group of Wamos are not willing to make such a sixty or so stores still on them.”

finally, the general of the of the locking device that is totaalpakketreizen to sell, such as the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook was doing, in a business of the past, an outdated business model. “Anyone who is under the age of 40 years old is going to just be online and book in today, all by itself. At least you can see it in a number of European countries, the Netherlands and Germany to Italy, but it is strange enough to assume that I am well on my to Flemish students, which is at the end of the day, however, like to have a profession and want to do it at a travel agency and the trip will be booked.”

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the real reason of the of the Deposit it is not for you. “It may be a bit of a tradition that young people inherit from their parents, who, even at that time, will invariably go to a store and have been having to make a trip to the book”, you think of of of Deposit. “Maybe it’s the fact that the level of participation in the international tourism here, a little later than, for example, in the united Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany. You can also see it in other industries, such as banks and insurance companies that will reduce the lokettennetwerk in Flanders, which is much slower than in many other European countries.”

And finally, it seems that the reputation of Thomas Cook and Neckermann, has for many years been an icon of the tourism industry to play with. Apparently, seeing that the Spaniards there is a great opportunity, and they expect to be subject to a sound management of the stores in the short term to make a profit. The staff of the estate of Thomas Cook, who, as their jobs should be spared to see it, is that a good thing, says the tourism expert of the security Deposit.

More about Thomas Cook, Spanish, buyer, close, especially, in Flanders, in the offices of Thomas Cook said: “While there are still acquisitions are possible,” the Spanish reisconcern Wamos take Neckermann shops about just 200 employees made redundant be able to get back to work with Spanish travel company will take the 62 stores to Thomas Cook about this, touch and go for the almost 200 members of staff Redundant staff at Thomas Cook asks for clarity