During our walks in the mountains or in the woods, we can come across animals that are hostile or even really dangerous for the human species. We are talking here about possible attacks, bites, sources of infections, allergies, and even vectors of more or less serious diseases.

Thus, before going on a hike or going on vacation, it is advisable to find out about the fauna of the place where you want to go. Because indeed, the French territory also knows its share of hostile critters, which have for many of them, made their appearance following global warming.

The three countries with the deadliest wildlife are Australia (with tarantulas, blue-ringed octopus, Taipan snakes, saltwater crocodiles and other stonefish), South Africa (with lions, wildebeest, sharks, etc…), and Brazil (with jaguars, anacondas, and much more).

France, it comes much lower in the ranking but also has a fauna that can be dangerous. Indeed, many people are not aware, but around 400 invasive species have now been identified on French soil. It is therefore not worth going to the other side of the world to come across certain threatening species.

What are the 5 most dangerous animals in France? Find the list in our slideshow: