This Wednesday, March 22, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron was on the air of the 1 p.m. newspaper of TF1 and France 2. This interview followed the intensification of the social movement against the pension reform following the use of 49.3 aimed at forcing it through, as well as the failure of the government’s motion of censure that followed. The whole of France therefore had its eyes riveted on the interview in question, hoping for a proportional reaction to the discontent expressed in the streets throughout France.

While some of the president’s remarks may have shocked, especially during his tirade concerning the “smicards”, in his own words, a detail set fire to the powder on the web: Emmanuel Macron would have, after being contacted via his headset, discreetly took his watch off his wrist. A watch that Internet users quickly identified as worth more than 80,000 euros.

Faced with the controversy, the president’s entourage reacted. First of all, the President’s watch, which he has already worn in public on many occasions, is in fact a BR V1-92, customized with the logo of the Security Group of the Presidency of the Republic, as confirmed it by our colleagues from TF1. The brand in question markets this model at a price ranging from 2,000 to 2,500 euros: a price that remains out of reach of the wallets of a large majority of French people, which is moreover at the present time. .

In addition, according to the Elysée, he would not have removed his watch for symbolic reasons, but because it made noise by tapping on the table. Information that can be verified by watching the video, in which you can clearly hear the sound of the impact. But would it have been planned as such in view of a potential controversy? No one will know.