If SK. deplores the fact that the bank is the KBC does not want to work together with the clubs of the league, 1A and 1B). That said, the North Village football club based in 1A in a press release after The Interests of the province of Limburg on Wednesday reported that the KBC is the co-operation with the If FIRST has to be stopped.

“If SK would like to stress that the aim is not only to challenge, as a club, can take advantage of a number of bankinstanties who believe in our work”, says a press release. “The green and white would like the professionalism of the club is to continue to do so and is willing to have outstanding youth groups continuous improvement, its commitment to the community, and it is best business platform in the region, and to provide for athletic improvement and to be able to continue.”

According to the If FIRST, have several clubs and bars in 1A and 1B, the difficulties for their co-operation with the KBC. Playing the same game at that, especially the clubs that have foreign shareholders, an issue. Just as in the Netherlands, the uk banks these days are extra vigilant due to the more restrictive laws, rules and regulations, as they are otherwise heavy fines and penalties at risk. KBC wanted Wednesday does not have to respond to the individual’s file, If FIRST, for the sake of his / her legal discretieplicht as a financial institution. Or on the initiative of the KBC group, has to do with the investigation of money laundering and fraud in football that coach Peter Maes is in the suspicion that it was made is not clear.

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