It seemed like a fairy tale wedding, and that of Marco Borsato and his Leontine. But now it turns out that the popular singer ten years ago, had had an affair with a pianist Iris Hond.

also, He (52) the most well-known and successful singer from the Netherlands, and since 1997 and is happily married with Leontine. Iris is a Dog (32) is a talented piano player, who is currently in the spotlight is because she is in a dating show on television and goes in search of her love. But the Dutch magazine Privé, reveals that the two -, ten years ago, the relationship we had.

“It’s news that a bomb will strike,” he writes in Private. He and his wife, Leontine, have three children, and have been for many years one of the most glamourkoppels in the Netherlands. However, as the magazine reveals, and the two confirmed in a press release, the lead singer of ten years ago, an affair with the twenty year younger the Dog.

“yes, There is a case of a friendship that went beyond what I had anticipated,” said He. “In this situation, however, was of short duration. Leontine and I are here for ourselves and each other, at that time, although some of them have lost, but, fortunately, we are never truly lost. The realization of how much we love each other and take a critical look at ourselves to see us, after a marriage of 22 years is stronger than ever.’
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