During her childhood, actress Anny Duperey experienced a real drama. Both of her parents died in a domestic accident when she was only eight years old. One death due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

“My little sister was only five months old when, one Sunday morning, I found both my parents dead, in the bathroom, asphyxiated by carbon monoxide. It took me 35 years to talk about this tragedy in a book called ‘The Black Veil'”, she confided to our colleagues from Non Stop People on February 8, 2021.

Subsequently, the actress was entrusted to her paternal grandmother and her aunt while her sister was raised by the family on her mother’s side. “I saw this gay family that we formed. I saw myself at 4 years old, walking, smiling. At 9 years old, my parents had given me a lot. Télé Star and to add: “But when you are an orphan, your childhood is over. You rely on yourself. To the point of not allowing yourself any abandonment”.

A new life without his parents which was difficult to live at the beginning. “There are two periods. First there was a period of sort of denial like that of mourning, but a little bit depressed until the age of 13 (…) I did a kind of simulated suicide attempt by putting me under a car that didn’t want me (…) Often, children who have experienced a trauma like that (…) verify in a certain way that they have the right to be on earth”, she told Non Stop People.

A life that was turned upside down, especially since the actress did not grow up alongside her sister. “We never really solved this story, I could almost say that she died of it (…) Despite our efforts to be complicit, we did not manage to overcome this problem”, she had declared to T V Magazine.

Anny Duperay has loved several men in her life. She shared her life with actor Bernard Giraudeau for 18 years. Two children were born from this relationship: Gaël in 1982 then Sara in 1985. The couple finally decided to separate in 1991.

For nearly 12 years, Anny Duperey lived a romantic idyll with a romantic relationship with comedian Cris Campion, met in 1993 on the set of the TV movie Charlemagne. At the time, the Great Family actress was 47 when he was just 27. “We shared a love of lost children. He was not an orphan, but had problems in his youth. As for me, I always had deep inside me the little orphan, the inconsolable crypt, the place where no one can enter because it is almost encysted in the depths”, she confided to Gala in 2017.

Beautiful love stories that never ended in marriage. “I am an eternal young girl, jealous of my freedom… It is out of the question that I marry one day. I was 20 years old in May 68 and I lived this emancipatory period to the full,” she told TV 7 days.

The actress Anny Duperey has been enjoying her celibacy for several years now. After beautiful love stories, the 75-year-old star decided to live alone.

“The guinguette has closed its shutters and what a rest! I don’t want any more men in my life. there is something a little humiliating in absolutely wanting to meet someone“, she had explained to the Gala in October 2019 and to add:”I have magnificent children, I am starting to have grandchildren – I I am twice a grandmother because my son Gaël has just had a daughter – I gave myself time to make my mark in this life without a man”.