Preview of today’s shows at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Melody Gardot’s last two albums, Sunset in the Blue and Between them two, rely on a stripping down that leaves all the room to her beautiful hushed voice. The singer with dark glasses returns to Montreal for two evenings, in two different venues, and we expect cozy concerts where there is room for poetry.

Did you miss the Southeast L.A. quintet playing yesterday at the Parterre symphonique? Here is your chance to take yourself back. The Altons are two girls, three guys whose music is hosted by Daptone Records, the extraordinary Brooklyn label that pours into classic soul – remember the late Sharon Jones, among others. Openly retro, fiercely indie, the soul ballads tinged with rich vocal harmonies compete in interest with the more rock aspirations of the group. Imagine an unusual version of The Mamas and the Papas with more oumpf. If you love Los Yesterdays, you won’t be disappointed!