Settlement of a professional: a Lot of facade, little of the content


    The former professional Jan Rosenthal has settled a year and a half after the end of his career with the professional football and hypocrisy denounced in the Bundesliga. “I have annoyed a lot of things: selfishness in the business – it goes in many Clubs focus on Power, Status and not the real thing, so what’s for the team’s success. And at all levels,“ said the 32-Year-old in an Interview with the football Portal sports buzzer.

    Rosenthal, who played nine years with Hannover 96, and after stints at SC Freiburg and Eintracht Frankfurt in the second division club Darmstadt 98 his active career ended, and I lived as a professional “in a bubble, and me of things to stress, only in the bubble value.” Not least in the current political questions, he realize, in retrospect, “how I almost of ridicule,” said the 32-Year-old. “You think you would be, otherwise, how important this impression is imparted to a layer of permanently from the outside -but actually it is nonsense.”

    Rosenthal complained also of the superficiality of the professional footballer. “The TV Interviews are almost all the same, which reflects the whole sham of the industry well,” said the 200-times Bundesliga player. “A lot of facade, little of the content.” With a certain distance, he believes to know the reason for this States: “There is also the extreme plays fast pace of business with, the results from the short public review period and the partial surrender of the clubs to live up to. How is there supposed to be a proper development?“