Have you thought about declaring your income? You have until the end of May or the beginning of June, depending on your department of residence. As with all administrative tasks, it is better not to do it at the last minute, otherwise you will forget a few more than important points.

The 2CK box deserves special attention, as Moneyvox explains. In order to know if this concerns you, you must know if you have received dividends or interest from taxable savings products in 2022. Another point of reference, if you have taken the step of requesting the exemption from tax deduction. If you answer yes or no to this last question, you must look into this box 2CK of your tax return. To make it simpler, an amount must appear on this box if you are the beneficiary of bank interest and your income tax has been deducted at source.

This 2CK box is used to indicate what has been deducted at source. Nearly 10 million tax households are affected by it. The tax declaration of one in 6 French people is pre-filled automatically. However, the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP) does not have access to some of your data. It is therefore imperative that you fill them in yourself at the risk of missing errors in your tax sheet.

Nevertheless, verification is more than necessary. If you hold investments in your bank or in another establishment, you must receive a tax form (IFU), summarizing the information about you given to the tax authorities. You must therefore refer to this tax form, to your bank account statement to ensure that the pre-filled amount is the same on each document, and in particular on your declaration.

Please note, if you ever leave this box empty when you have been deducted at source on your annual interest or your dividends, you will then pay the flat rate tax of 12.80% twice: at source during 2022 and in your balance tax in 2023. The case of forgetting the 2CK box is necessarily linked to a transmission error between your bank and the Public Treasury. Present on the IFU, this amount is automatically pre-filled in box 2CK, unless the bank has omitted it in its IFU. Despite everything, paying the flat fee twice because of the 2CK line is therefore extremely rare.