It’s tricky to reduce the amount of food you eat, especially when there’s something sumptuous on the table. Even if you try your best to reduce your consumption, there are times when it’s too challenging. These tips will help in reducing the amount of food you eat without necessarily feeling deprived.


Use small plates and bowls 


It’s easier for you to control what you eat when you’re consuming it from a smaller plate. You will reduce the amount of food you put on your plate. During parties, you will find it embarrassing to keep coming back to get more food. Therefore, you will decide to stick with whatever you have on your small plate. If you keep doing it, you will get used to the idea of eating only a small portion of food.


Find the food you want 


When deciding what to eat, you need to prioritize what you like. If there are several dishes that you like in one meal, you need to reduce the portions of the rest. However, if you’re aiming for a balanced meal, you need to get a small portion of the healthy options on the table too.


Eat lots of small portions a day


It also helps if you decide to eat several times a day, but only in small portions. In doing so, you’re giving time for your digestive system to absorb what you eat. Make sure that you don’t go beyond the amount you need to eat at any given time.


Give yourself a cheat day


Regardless of the diet technique that you follow, you must have a cheat day. The goal is to ensure that you don’t feel deprived. Find the best place to dine during your cheat day. You can consider kosher restaurants NYC offers if you want a healthy slice of steak and tasty side dishes. You won’t regret having a cheat day when you get what you want.


Don’t be too hard on yourself


There are instances when you’re unable to follow your diet plan, and it’s okay. The next thing to do is stand up and move forward. You can’t allow yourself to do the same thing again. You still have enough time to get back on your feet and try the diet program again.


Drink plenty of water


When eating, it helps if you drink water first. You want to give your brain the signal that you’re already full and you don’t need to eat a lot. When it’s time to pick something to eat, you won’t grab a lot. You will also trick your brain when you drink soda and sweets. The problem is that they’re unhealthy. Water is enough to tell your mind not to eat a lot.


Hopefully, you will get through the problem and become a master of portion control. It will be tough at first, but you will get through it if you do the same thing at all times.