Thoughts on the outcome – The best cellar, we still have to celebrate at home. Once the author did this on a voluntary basis. The his room, the best parties were held.Jean-Marc Nia0 KommentareDas opposite was in the drinking the Studio of the case: No Windows, no fancy glasses, and filled ashtrays. Image: Christian Lue / unsplash

As Ursi with dyed red hair still in the Kon-Tiki your “Gchlöpften” on the counter pounding: This was the time when I ran out so right, and this is thirty years. This period of time, and also the mixture of the above-mentioned Satan drink tarnish my memories of other experiences in this establishment.

Next, we visited the hose, the Restaurant, drank beer, and himmelten the female staff. Also in the king’s chair, we drank, but even better, we ate there for dinner: On the menu, olives were Free and nussli. From time to time I was me alone in the Bodega and ordered red wine to be smart and interesting.

With the leaving home and moving into my first WG should be the concept of starting a new significance. Because to celebrate parties, to attend concerts or watch a film, I had to place a foot in front of the door.

I lived in the epicenter of the former night life. It may well be that there were other trendy places that only interested me a little. My first rent the room I had at the Seestrasse 109, and in my house, the legendary drinking Studio was.

There were parties beyond Good and Evil celebrated.

Jean-Marc Nia

For the poor souls who do not know the locality: The place suggested waves of up to Hamburg, so that the then überhippe Golden pudel club and Schorsch Kamerun and the camera team visited.

In the drinking Studio you saw, thanks to the late Martin Ain Stricker, films like “Killing Zoe” for the first Time. Okay, in Japanese and with subtitles in Mandarin, but this made the Event more exclusive. The punk band meat, the singer is grey here to stay live from the Zurich night and played and lived. There, parties were celebrated beyond Good and Evil, to be disposed of vast amounts of alcohol is stupid cheap prices, and there you danced until it was light, and smoked cigarettes like there’s no Tomorrow then.

it was Only the. And as I said, I lived there and had my little room directly above it. Means, the stench, a mixture of Sweat, emptied-out beer and stale smoke, found in my four walls of his home and remained for ever in my Sofa. But that was okay for me.

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