if you have a touch of the German in Halle, near Leipzig, are, Wednesday afternoon, two men were shot dead by a 27-year-old German neo-nazi. Who wanted to, based on the jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, in the synagogue, to penetrate, but did not. So, unfortunately, many of those present at a killing spree. The man streamde the attack on a gamingwebsite.

an Armed man was trying in vain to synagogue into his lap, then around in a circle. Two deaths – a man and a woman, and several wounded, but the Police picked up a suspect in Evidence for the extreme right-wing terror, Shoot-out occurred, based on the most important jewish holiday. the agent indicates to the synagogues in German towns and cities. I picked up the perpetrator shot attack.

The shooting occurred Wednesday afternoon shortly after 12 o’clock. A heavily armed man in a oorlogskledij put together this springtuig down to the synagogue, in the Humboldtstraße in Halle, and tried then to connect to. “We have to have that camera fixed,” says Max Privorozki, president of the Jewish community in Halle, germany. “The people have seen the doors from the inside, barricaded.” When he’s not inside, it was up to, he started on the windows, and the windows of fire, and then he has to go at the passers-by shot. There in his lap, he happens to pass by running the woman down.

He threw a grenade at the nearby jewish cemetery. The culprit would be, that the cemetery will also be in vain to try to penetrate it, and decided, after a number of shots at the gate, but to throw a grenade. In a nearby pittazaak, he shot a man to death.

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Two deaths

When the shooting was attacked, two dead, and the man in the pittazaak, and the woman on the street, and got several people killed or wounded. At the university hospital of Halle, and all the wounded brought in, including one man with gunshot wounds who are just below the knife is needed to be done. Because he was in the synagogue, not within himself, it is a huge carnage might have been avoided.

the Offender was acting alone,

The police have managed to get it all in order for the suspect to pick it up. It’s going to be the 27-year-old German neo-nazi Stephen B., who is not known to the police. He was seriously wounded and has undergone surgery. The man was in his car, and still have to find the key and are hijacked during a flight, a taxi that he was in an accident was given. “He needs to act rich have planned, but, fortunately, he was unprofessional to work with,” say sources in the intelligence community.

The perpetrator of the attack, filmed it and streamed it with a camera on his helmet and confirmed it was. “The jews are the root of all the problems,” he said at the very beginning of the movie. “I don’t believe the Holocaust ever happened.”

The failed attack, evokes a lot of memories of the attack on the two mosques in the city of Christchurch. There it fell, to 51 deaths.

the Terrorism

(Photo: EPA, EFE,

, An impressive crowd of police until Wednesday evening to be present in Halle, germany. All the available police of the federal state of Saxony, came to the place, as well as from Berlin, and came with all of the available agents. The riot police were also at the scene. The train station of Halle, and was, as a precaution, do all fully enclosed. Also, the schools in the city of providence will be closed.

It was, according to the authorities, and then have a “special situation”, meaning a terrorist attack. The antiterreurparket is in charge of the investigation. This decision was motivated by the importance of the matter,” according to the public prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe. There are plenty of opportunities for a potential extreme right-wing background to the events, according to a woordvoerdster of the federal government’s position. It refers to all of the circumstances.

the “Cowardly attack”

“we are not the only people in our midst, to be torn, and this is a cowardly attack on the peaceful coexistence in our country”, said Reiner Haseloff, minister-president of Saxony-Anhalt, germany, in reaction to it. Haseloff was given the news during a conference to be held in Brussels, belgium. He will be Wednesday night in their region, as expected.

the Jewish day

today is Yom Kippur the most important jewish holiday. the In the shooting incident, there was also a lot of people present in the building, ” says Privorotzki, president of the Jewish community in Halle, germany, is still. “The safety of the entrance, have survived the attack. Wednesday afternoon, there were still 70 to 80 people in the synagogue.

In the synagogues in German towns and cities, such as Leipzig and Dresden, there were cops in front of the door to prevent that something was going to happen. “This is the terrible thing that affects us deeply,” said Nora Goldenbogen, president of the Jewish community in Dresden. “We have always felt safe and there were no signs that we are in jeopardy. On yom Kippur, it is in the past, it’s all the day of the attacks.”

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The police carried out Wednesday morning to conduct a search in four states, as a result of 23 the extreme of threatening letters against mosques, islamic centres, partijcentrales and news agencies, which threatened with terrorist attacks. It is not clear whether there is a link to the story in Halle, germany.

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