For a little historical reminder, the date of May 1 refers to the old day of wage and union demands which started on May 1, 1886. On that day, the American labor unions had called for demonstrations to demand the eight-hour day. . Today, this special day is called “Labour Day” and is celebrated in several countries around the world.

It was in 1889, during the centenary of the French Revolution and with the support of Jules Guesde (French socialist politician), that a day of demonstrations was set up on May 1 in all French departments, and which will take place for the first time the following year. So May 1, 1890.

It was only in 1919 that May 1st became a non-working day, following a vote in Parliament which agreed to establish the eight-hour day. Then under the Vichy regime, France made this day a public holiday and decided to call it “Labor Day and Social Concord Day” in 1941. However, at the Liberation, this day disappeared and it was only in 1948 it will be reintroduced, and it is in the form we know today. That is to say a day off, off, and paid.

In the past, wild roses were offered during the May Day parade as a sign of remembrance of the Fourmies shooting which took place in 1891. Over time, the tradition has changed. Today we have the custom of buying lily of the valley which represents spring.

But as we approach that date, what are the rules to follow when it comes to thrush? We list them in our slideshow.