Secret Armory – German elite unit is durchleuchtetBei the special forces command of the German armed forces tables of incidents are piling up on the extreme right. Now the troupe has to be checked.Mike Szymanski from Berlin0 KommentareSie hunt down terrorists and war criminals: KSK-soldiers during a training Exercise in württemberg, Calw.Photo: Michaela Rehle (Reuters)

A letter from the troops in the German defence politicians rarely get to the table. This comes from a commander, Brigadier General Markus Kreitmayr. Kreitmayr, 52, commanded the Elite force KSK, the special forces command. Its people are among the best-trained fighters of the Bundeswehr, they hunt terrorists and war criminals. But as the middle of the month it became known that she had hoarded from their ranks at home weapons and, moreover, because of his right attitude to the attention of the investigator was advised, wrote Kreitmayr a three-page letter to his people, the still not entirely clear what he brings everything to the roles.

the rights would seek in its Association of anything he wrote, and speaks to this directly: “they don’t deserve our companionship!” You should leave out “private drive”, the SFC. “Don’t do it you will find that we will find you, and remove!”

‘Heil Hitler’ salute shown

The special forces command, and its approximately 1000 men and women stuck in the opinion Kreitmayrs in the biggest crisis since the founding. For quite some time, it is known that there are right-wing extremist suspected cases pile up. But now Kreitmayr speaks of a new “startling quality”. During the search of the property of the soldiers, the investigators found, among other things, two kilograms of explosives and detonators, a machine gun and various other weapons, as well as several Thousand pieces of ammunition. A part of the flocks from the Bundeswehr. This raises the question of whether the soldier had an accomplice. Because, actually, one more eye to ensure that the soldiers can’t steal anything, certainly not weapons. The soldier was equipped as for war.

Already in 2017, he had become because of his right attitude of striking, at the time, he had attended a farewell party of a KSK-Company commanders, and should have shown the Hitler salute. The elite soldier is one of 20 of the extreme right suspected cases alone in the KSK – a strikingly high number. Kreitmayr writes, this would have added to the Reputation of his Association and the entire German armed forces “massive damage” part.


The German defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has at least enough of it to place “special emphasis” on the SFC. She has now set up a working group to investigate the question of whether there are structural reasons that encourage extremism in the KSK.

There are special features of the KSK – especially those that the soldier remain indoor and soldiers longer than in other associations is common because of their special training. Some spend almost a life of a soldier in the special forces. This creates a close, Tight, but also a certain amount of seclusion.

The new military representative Eva Högl, which brings through their previous work in the NSU-Committee of inquiry experiences with right-wing terrorist networks, said: “the letter of The KSK commander is hard to beat in clarity and comes at exactly the right time.” Right-wing extremism in the Bundeswehr no place. It was “important and necessary” to determine the individual cases consistently, to punish and to remove the people from the troupe. “In addition, networks must be identified, and the structures are not modified in a way that they promote extreme right-wing and anti-democratic settings, but to prevent.” The subjects of training, use, and prevention work.

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