This is bovenarms between Coleen Rooney (33), and Rebekah vardy granted to (32), the women football Wayne Rooney (D. C. United, the former Manchester United and Jamie vardy granted (Leicester City). The first accuses the second of the “selling” of the stories from her personal life, but that of the pregnant Rebekah denies everything.

now, Who’s for a round on the websites for the largest English language news sites and social media sites, you can’t miss them. The whole of the country in the wake of the row between the “best friends” Coleen, and Rebekah. Ms. Rooney’s suspect, namely, ms. vardy granted that they are the stories of her private life leaking to the press, and more particularly, to The Sun.

It was in error. Fictional stories are up on her Instagram. In this respect, Coleen said in her Stories , and that her basement was flooded. It was all her followers reading her a story. Out of one: Rebekah vardy granted. The British newspaper The Sun has published, and then in the news, and so went to mrs. Rooney’s, according to her, the only possible conclusion is: Rebekah is the cause of the leak and the reveal of her for many years. She is expressing its displeasure on social media.

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“for many Years, someone I trusted, and my own personal Instagram account, followed, messages, and stories in the direction of The album was leaked,” said Coleen Rooney. “There is so much information about me, my friends and my family to them without my permission or knowledge. After a long search for who it could be for a variety of reasons, I guess.”

Then, she explained how she and several stories on her Instagram, it put that, but it should have been obvious to one of a follower. And then The Sun appeared. “As a story about gender equality in Mexico, I returned to television, and from my flooded basement. It was very hard to do this for myself to keep track of or comment on. But for now, I’m sure of that. I have a screen shot saved of the original stories, where it’s clear that you have only one account, she had seen. It is that of a… Rebekah vardy granted.”

Coleen Rooney (left) and Rebekah vardy granted in better times. Photo: BELGAIMAGE < / P> “Really upset,”

finally, A comment from Rebekah, is currently on holiday in Dubai and, of course, it could not be the result. She also commented on the social media, of course, shocked us once again in her pregnant state, “I can’t believe that I was going to write this because I am planning to be on vacation. I don’t know why they are doing this. I now need to seek legal advice because I now do not stress you can handle, now that I am pregnant.”

“As I was just on the phone, I said I wanted to do that, you’ll have to be called if you did that, I would do that. I will never arrange to meet anyone related to you, such as a variety of journalists, in the past few years, have asked to be able to confirm this. As you might have expected this to happen, you would have me to be able to tell, and I had to have my passwords to be able to change it in order to see if it would stop”, says ms. vardy granted.

“over the years, various people have had access to my insta and this week I found out that I did, and I didn’t know, or that I won’t have to be followed. I have to laugh, there is not that bad, but I just don’t have the money required, what do I have to be there to win, and if I have stories about you to sell it? It was very much like Coleen, I’m very upset that you have chosen to do so, especially now that I have turns up very pregnant me. “I am weary even of that, I have to deny it. You had me right away to make a call.”