Let’s face it, there are some weird things happening on the NFL planet these days.

A very popular singer who gets people talking without even singing a single note (no, we’re not talking about Cardi B here), a team who gets 70 points shoved down their throats of shame, and Usher who is crowned star from halftime to the next Super Bowl, a decision that would have been great in 2004, perhaps less so now.

But better late than never, right, and that brings us to the New England Patriots, who finally won a game this season, even if it was against the Jets.

It’s no secret, there are always strange things happening with this club. From the blower game to the fumble game which was a yes, but no, the Patriots have very often been at the heart of all the controversies. The most recent: quarterback Mac Jones, who allegedly hit a Jets rival in games as if he were playing a friendly game in the courtyard of a maximum security prison.

Tom Brady had many faults, including this propensity to deflate balloons, but he never allowed himself such baseness. Mac Jones did not want to comment on this matter. Fortunately, because it could have gone wrong.

But life is made of second chances, and the Patriots will have the chance to redeem themselves on Sunday, when they visit the Cowboys in Dallas. Cowboys who are also returning from a solid descent on earth, after allowing the Arizona Cards to win one of the three games they will win this season.

We guess that the Patriots will be desperate, and we advise the Cowboys not to leave their athletic shells in the locker room. It could still be useful.

Thousands of you have written about the incredible relevance of this column. THANKS.

A comment, chosen at random, from Sébastien Marchand, an obviously attentive reader, about the previous column: “Perhaps the best football article since I was born […]”

What do you mean, “maybe”?

You know who probably hasn’t had a good week? Sean Payton.

The Broncos coach showed up in Denver as a savior, looking like a guy who knows business, and also with his Super Bowl ring, which will no doubt impress everyone at the office Christmas party. But will it even make it to Christmas?

The question arises after this 70-20 defeat against the Dolphins, who could have added more at the end but who were kind and who took pity. No one has scored 70 points in an NFL game since 1966.

We will remember that upon arriving at the Broncos camp this summer, Mr. Payton nicely criticized his predecessors (including Nathaniel Hackett, the club’s former coach), affirming that the work they had done in terms of coaching had been one of the worst in the NFL. But who leads a team that just allowed 70 points and 726 yards (!) to the Dolphins? Certainly not Nathaniel Hackett, who has since become the Jets’ offensive coordinator, a decision he must already regret.

By the way, someone asked Russell Wilson if he had ever experienced such humiliation before, and the Broncos quarterback responded, “Uh, no. »

That’s good because he will be able to offer the same answer when asked if his club has a chance of participating in the playoffs.

It’s another high-calibre menu that the NFL has concocted for us this Sunday, but at the time of writing this, the bosses of the league had not yet taken this Chiefs-Jets out of the Sunday night box, a box prestigious and popular. For what ? It’s clear the Jets are going to be down 35 points at halftime, but hey, we can always fall back on footage of Taylor Swift exchanging hugs with Travis Kelce’s mom.

Otherwise, there is Zeke Elliott who returns to Dallas, the Bills who welcome the Dolphins for the supremacy of the Eastern division of the American Conference, like in the good old days of Jim Kelly and Dan Marino, without forgetting this Monday evening of great importance for the Giants, who will try to save their season against the Seahawks.

To quote Usher in his prime: yeah!