Not even the actor Colin Firth makes a good character in a Christmas sweater. As Bridget Jones stands out in the Film, the giant reindeer on his sweater in the eye, stroking you Prince him from the list of your dream.

Still, you could see on Friday, especially in Anglo-American countries, again a lot of people in the Christmas sweater: in the train, on the street, maybe even in the office. Because it is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, and the Wearing of appropriate sweater for many almost something of a duty.

the sweater your attribute make most: reindeer and Santa’s elves around ghosts, POM poms dangle down, eyes roll, some flash, and the exclusive models can even play Christmas songs when you press the reindeer on the nose.

for years the sometimes gruesome, sometimes funny sweater, especially in the United States are celebrated at the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties and Ugly Christmas Sweater Runs, and the ugliest Sweater will be awarded. Since 2011, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Day takes place on each third Friday in December. A real Background of the day has not – except, perhaps, that he should promote the sale of the sweater. The initiators claim that the day of ugly Christmas sweaters, the “cure for common diseases” like boredom, lack of stimulation, and Nine-to-five Jobs. It is also difficult to stay in a bad mood, when Compared with a grinning penguin is wearing on the chest.

“The German, the irony”

Stars such as Miley Cyrus, Matt Damon, Katy Perry, and basketball players such as LeBron James missing for Christmas jumper just joined in the past few years. Instagram counts more than 600,000 entries for the #uglychristmassweater. When and where the Hype started, it is difficult to say more. Some believe it all started with Bridget Jones, and indeed, in 2001, took place when the Film was released, for the first time, an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in Vancouver. Sure it’s not because of the Christmas sweater, there is of course much longer.

in this country have found the sweater in a long time ago in the Fast-Fashion chains such as Primark and H&M. Nevertheless, the Hype in Germany never arrived. But that has nothing to do with our sense of style: “The German, the irony,” says Kerstin Görling, owner of the Frankfurt Boutique Hayashi missing for Christmas sweater. In fact, you must abstract from your own Ego, if one is wearing a quirky Christmas elves on the chest. However, the mediation will not find a more jumpers with Norwegians trick, as there are from brands such as Isabel Marant and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, hardly appeal. “The least want to spend 300 euros for a sweater that you only once in a year can attract,” says Görling. “But a Christmas sweater from Chanel would sell well.” While Karl Lagerfeld – with the exception of the sweatpants – nothing excluded. But, in the meantime, prefer the German for the Fixed clothes with glitter.