The search of Chérif Chekatt: Alleged Strasbourg-killed by assassin


since The terrorist attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market-sought alleged perpetrator Chérif Chekatt is were killed on Thursday evening after a shootout with police in Strasbourg. The French Minister of the interior, Christophe Castaner confirmed. As the newspaper “Le Monde” reported that the police found the 29-year-old man in his Strasbourg of birth district of Neudorf, in which he was last been seen with an injury to her Arm. Chekatt held in a warehouse hiding, and opened fire on a patrol of police officers when they discovered him shortly before 21 o’clock. The police officers shot back and killed the man.

The jihadists militia “Islamic state” (IS) claimed now for the attack. The attacker was “a soldier” of the IS, reported the Propaganda-mouthpiece for Amaq on Thursday.

According to the French news channel BFMTV Chekatt had addressed on Thursday a woman. These have noted that the man had been injured. You have alerted the security forces.

In the course of the Thursday French Anti-Terror struck forces with a large contingent nachChekatt, there were raids in several neighborhoods of the capital of Alsace. Also, the German police was, with numerous forces, the Federal public Prosecutor’s office intervened in the investigations against Chekatt.