The proposal came from the social Democrats. Heated discussions, as there were of the German Prime Minister led, which came in the years 1948 and 1949, a number of times in Koblenz, Germany Hotel Ritter fall together, in order to negotiate the form and effect of a new Constitution.

The word “Constitution”, however, you sound to definitely self-conscious, therefore, was in search of an alternative name for what was developed in protracted pre-negotiations legally on the relationship between people’s freedom and state rule. In the middle of the debate, the mayor of Hamburg and the SPD came-Deputy Max brewer then on the word “basic law”: “As fallen from heaven”, as one participant reported later, “the word before us and our minds and senses are not seized, to be certain of our hearts.”

The description was well – Described it was. On 8. In may 1949, the Parliamentary Council, in addition to sixty-one men have listened to four women, adopted under this title, the fundamental value principles of the new Germany.

optic guides the reader on Details that would otherwise remain hidden

In the coming year, in may 2019, celebrates the fundamental law of his seventieth birthday. Now it is published in a jubilee issue, not as a book but as a high-gloss magazine. Responsible in the sense of the press law for the presentation – less for the content – is the Hamburg-based Journalist Oliver worm. Together with the Designer Andreas full ritsch, he worked on the 146 article of the Constitution-reader-friendly in a modern Magazine look and thematically divided.

the Arrangement is broken up by spectacular satellite images of the earth’s surface, the first German commander of the ISS, Alexander Gerst on his trip to the All spread through social networks. Thus, reference is made to the fundamental, higher-level, norm-giving character of the document. Its called beauty can be found especially in the preamble and the fundamental rights. “The state is for man, not man for the state’s sake”, was Carlo Schmid, one of the most influential legal scholars of the young Federal Republic of Germany issued as a Directive.

The basic law to read in magazine format, is to keep an Overview. Through the simple and effective technique of changing font size worm highlights the crucial passages individually and weakens others.

two magazine pages with either the large poster set “The Dignity of man is inviolable”, or with seven closely printed paragraphs to the regulation of the financial system filled. Sometimes highlights appear slightly ironic, such as when the article 48 is greatly opened, which regulates the claim of the Bundestag, candidates on leave and the right of members to free use of all public means of transport.